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  • Wrong PM Count? Help!

    One of our members started complaining about getting messages regarding his full PM Box.

    I told him to check his outbox and to make sure he is viewing all PMs and not the last 30 days only.

    He still claimed having a total of 15 PMs in all his folders but his "Message Indicator" at the bottom of the forums home page is telling him that he has 60 additinal ones.

    I checked the database and he's correct, there are 15 messages for his userid.

    This is really strange - is there any mysql query that could repair this?

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    Is there no one of the developers around that could help me with this issue?

    24h and no answer, support has been better a year ago.

    *to the tune of Pink Floyd* there anybody out there?


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      Have you raised a support ticket? With the thousand of posts here daily, you can imagine that people can't read all of them. At least with a support ticket you are in some sort of queue.
      Mike Warner
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        This shouldn't affect it but does he have any "read receipts"? To the tune of 45?


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          I already asked him to delete them....