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Guest's name not displayed in moderation view

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  • Burns
    one more problem with posts approvment

    hm... i would not *bump* it again,
    but i found one more problem:

    the "post subject" of the answer is not displayed,
    so a troublemaker can insert there any crap he want,
    the moderator will not be able to see the subject of the reply
    until the he approves the posting,
    and in a big board he would have to search for this post extra
    ( while approving and deleting after that is not so good idea itself )

    Also while approving the moderator has no link to the thread,
    but could cause lost time for searching ( on a big board ),
    if the moderator want to know the context
    ( the same post may be OK in one context,
    but not OK in other,
    like if someone post something like "cool!"
    in the thread about 11 Sep. etc.
    - this last one is sure not a bug, just lack of important feature...

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  • Burns
    please dont ignore me !
    No one see my arguments as valid ?
    vB Dev Team see it rather as feature request then as valid bug report ?!

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  • Burns
    I still see it as a bug,
    a design bug one can say, but still a bug:
    what is the goal of moderation? to prevent any damage.
    How can you prevent the damage, if you even can not see the name of the poster ?
    ( this guest can use his name's field for the actual message )
    So the moderation ( approvement ) fails in this case.

    Sure the code needs to be changed to let the moderator
    see the name of poster, like:
    1) Get the name and link to profile
    2) If successful ---> the same way as now
    3) If no name found ---> get the name and display it
    ( where ever it stored, it is stored in DB, so there should be some way to get it )

    Would it be so difficult to implement ?


    Anyway, what is more important:
    to have a link to registrated user's profile or to know guest's name in case of post/thread approvement ?
    If you know the name, you can find the profile using administation,
    to find the guest's name you would need to search in DB.

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  • Wayne Luke
    Well, guests technically don't have names so that would be appropriate. You would have to change the code to not try and make links to user's profiles in the moderation queue to make this work.

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  • Burns
    started a topic Guest's name not displayed in moderation view

    Guest's name not displayed in moderation view

    I made 2 screenshots from my mod panel:

    Correct ( registered ) :

    Name missed ( Guest ) :

    my vB version is 2.2.4 ( new installed ) + to hacks:
    Moderation per usergroup

    But i don's think it's something with my installation/server or hacks,
    guess everyone have this problem, just not many use moderation at all,
    and from these who use probably 90% disable guest posting...

    I hope you can fix it...

    Thanks in advance


    It's very important for me to be able to see
    names of all posters in moderation view,
    even especially guests,
    else i would not be able to prevent using abusive names,
    or i would have to disable guest posting,
    what would make the forum less confortable for many users.
    Last edited by Burns; Mon 1 Apr '02, 10:21am.

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