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Bouncing (undeliverable) mails

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  • Bouncing (undeliverable) mails

    Hello, I'm having a problem with mails sent by the systems that for some reason bounce back. I searched the forum with some keywords to look for similar question and perhaps help myself out, but with no success.

    Now, the system dispatches e-mails to many users due to many reasons (PMs arriving etc). Some of the users have either their quota full, or their POP servers have some problems, and the mail bounces back. Now, it's alright until here, but here comes the trouble: every time it happens, it forwards the "Undeliverable Mail" notice by Postmaster to all the administrators, and frankly, it drives us nutts. How do we change the e-mail address which gets the notification about the undeliverable mails?

    Thanks in advance,

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    Hmm, it should only be one person receiving the e-mails. I'd check the e-mail in your General Options of your CP as well as your config.php file in your /forum/admin folder.
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      We do have one e-mail ([email protected]) that all forum contacts are passed to. Mails coming to here are forwarded to all the administrators.

      We do not wish to ignore all the mails sent to that address, we only want to get rid of the Undeliverable Mail notices sent to there, by assigning another mail address for these notices (let's say, [email protected]).

      What to do? Control Panel really does no help, and I would really be lost in config.php unless I'm addressed to somewhere in it.

      I'd be really thankful if you give me a specific location in the Control Panel or the config.php.

      Thanks again,


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        That's not vBulletin forwarding the bounce message...that's somewhere else in the system. I don't know where or how it's happening but vBulletin couldn't do that.


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          I am not that good with MTP but I guess I can at least tell you about the problem

          VBB is written in PHP.
          If the VBB sends out a mail, PHP connects to the standard mail tranfer program
          eg: Linux -> sendmail

          So let´s say email goes to [email protected]

          sendmail connects to and says, hey got mail for user nomorespace. If accepts, your server sends the data. After the mail is on, the server is checking:
          Is the username available ? yes ..
          is there enough space in his box ? no
          ---> return email

          and here is the point:
          The first line of every mail is usually something like this:

          Return-Path: <[email protected]>

          so the email is bounced back since the user has no more space left in his box

          The clue is now:
          If your server runs on Win 2k, then you can setup PHP (php.ini) in that way, so it returns the bouncing mails to another account


          If your server runs *nix, that wouldn´t work ..
          You would have to change the code a little
          tubedogg surely know MORE about this then me, so I only give the code you have to add ..
          Hopefully somebody could tell you in which files you have to do that

          before VBB code uses the mail() command you have to add:

          PHP Code:
          $mailheaders "From: [email][email protected][/email] <> \n";
          $mailheaders .= "Reply-To: [email][email protected][/email]\n\n"
          and then add this to the mail command so it looks like this:
          PHP Code:
          The problem is:
          if somebody presses the reply key on the emails from the VBB it will be bounced as well ...
          But that, I guess it would work, if not, tell me and I will think about another strategy


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            Our server is a *nix server, and I've never had a bounce yet (excepting "Out of office" replies).

            In the message header is:

            Return-Path: [email protected]

            (I've changed the address, and it's enclosed in brackets)
   I think most mail servers must use that to bounce. The "From:" line is set to a human being's address.

            I would therefore ask your friendly sysadmin: it's definitely possible.


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