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    I want it on top of the forum summary.....not on the can i move it?????

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    Re: Who's Online?

    Originally posted by MIKdoubleE
    I want it on top of the forum summary.....not on the can i move it?????
    If I remember correctly, then goto your admin control panel > templates > modify > ForumHomeDisplay [expand] > forumhome and search for $pminfo and move that to the place in that template where you want it to show up.


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      Admin CP -> Templates -> Modify -> [expand list] -> Forum Home Page Templates -> forumhome

      find $loggedinusers and move it up a few lines.

      <!-- main -->
      <table cellpadding="{tableouterborderwidth}" cellspacing="0" border="0" bgcolor="{tablebordercolor}" {tableouterextra} width="{contenttablewidth}" align="center"><tr><td>
      <table cellpadding="4" cellspacing="{tableinnerborderwidth}" border="0" {tableinnerextra} width="100%">
      [b][color=red]$loggedinusers[/color][/b] [i](move to here)[/i]
      <tr align="center">
        <td bgcolor="{tableheadbgcolor}"><smallfont>&nbsp;</smallfont></td>
        <td bgcolor="{tableheadbgcolor}" width="80%" align="left"><smallfont color="{tableheadtextcolor}"><b>Forum</b></smallfont></td>
        <td bgcolor="{tableheadbgcolor}"><smallfont color="{tableheadtextcolor}"><b>Posts</b></smallfont></td>
        <td bgcolor="{tableheadbgcolor}"><smallfont color="{tableheadtextcolor}"><b>Threads</b></smallfont></td>
        <td bgcolor="{tableheadbgcolor}" nowrap><smallfont color="{tableheadtextcolor}"><b>Last Post</b></smallfont></td>
        <td bgcolor="{tableheadbgcolor}" width="20%"><smallfont color="{tableheadtextcolor}"><b>Moderator</b></smallfont></td>
      [b][color=red]$loggedinusers[/color][/b] [i](delete from here)[/i]
      <!-- /main -->
      i'm running vB 2.2.1. my templates may be different from yours if you are running a different version... they should be similar enough though.


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        huh?? I'm talking about "whos online"


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          Originally posted by MIKdoubleE
          huh?? I'm talking about "whos online"
          Yeah sorry .. just noticed (I seriously have NO idea why I go and picked pminfo ..)


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            thanx's all appreciate it....damn, i'm feeling better about buying VB......i used to be a disgruntled UBB owner.....i'm loving the support here.....thanx!


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              Originally posted by MIKdoubleE
              i'm loving the support here.....thanx!
              i'm not support, i just have no life so i whore it up in the support forums during my free time.

              i don't know what xiphoid's story is...


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