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[v2.2.4 BUG] PHP v4.2.0 Incompatible

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  • [v2.2.4 BUG] PHP v4.2.0 Incompatible

    I've been pulling my hair out about this problem for the last couple days, it even kept me up all night last night but I finally have figured this out.

    Wednesday night, I upgraded my Internet server to PHP v4.2.0-RC1. Then Thursday morning, I upgraded my board from v2.2.2 of vBulletin to v2.2.4. When I logged into my CPanel I was astonished to find that all my templates had vanished. In addition to that, I was unable to edit the user table from the Administrator Control Panel, it did nothing but display MySQL errors. Values found in the usergroup table were fine however. Again, I figured it was a problem with my upgrade.

    The problem: (only custom templates, and modified ones appeared)

    Since my board contained some hacks, including vBPortal, which makes upgrading difficult, I figured it was an error in my upgrading. After many attempts, and a trouble ticket later, I was still stumpted.

    I installed a test board using a fresh copy of v2.2.4, using different versions of the master style sheets, uploaded a lot of different ways. I then uploaded a copy of v2.2.2, and to my suprise, the templates were still missing.

    After a glass of milk and an episode of Star Trek later, it hit me, PHP.

    On a hunch, I downgraded back to v4.1.2 and behold, my templates returned, and I was again able to edit the user table.

    My guess is it must have something to do with the re-written file upload code in 4.2.0, or a database interface that no longer works. Hopefully this can be fixed for vB v2.2.5, since PHP 4.2.0 is slated to come out April 21, and I know most people here like to keep their servers up-to-date.

    I've e-mailed Kevin about this to let him now, just incase no one reads this.

    So, the moral of this story is, don't use PHP 4.2.0 until vB fixes some imcompatilities with it.

    Wow, I finally did something useful.

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    isn't 4.2 not fully released but RC right now ?
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      1. We don't support beta versions or release candidates of PHP.
      2. We will release v2.2.5 before Apr 21st.
      3. If PHP v4.2.0 (final) breaks vBulletin than we will make a decision about creating a v2.2.6 to handle it at that time.


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        Sorry, I guess it wasn't right to call this a "bug," its more of an incompatibility issue. I also understand that you don't support beta version of PHP, I wouldn't either, I was just trying to bring this to everyones attention so they know not to use PHP 4.2.0 until you guys can have a chance to update the software.


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