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  • Interesting Problem with a Guest

    This may be a stupid question...and not really a big deal but I'll ask anyways.....

    OK so there is this guest that has been lurking on my forums. I know its the same guest because he has a static IP address and I see him on "Who's Online". He is on my boards at least 30 times a day.

    Anyways..this guest is ALWAYS trying to do some shady stuff, like trying to edit posts, move threads, close threads, delete threads, create threads, report posts, view "unknown locations", and attempting other moderator duties etc.... Obviously its not working because he isnt registered or a moderator.

    At first I assumed this person was just a little lost and didnt know that he had to register. But this has been going on for weeks now - Same person.

    I tried doing a search for his IP to see if it was just a regular member who wasnt logged on...but there is nobody on my forums with a similar static IP. So now Im starting to really wonder. Is this guy trying to hack my forums or something? Is there any way I can find out who this is? Should I be worried?

    As I type right now, he is once again trying to edit a post.

    Thanks guys.
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    It could be a search engine robot like Google. Do a lookup on the IP address.


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      YOu may want to visit this thread also.

      This person is having similar problems with a guest from Poland.


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        Thanks guys..Yea this is strange. Now im worried that this is a hacker. I could ban his IP, but doesnt banning an IP only prevent that person from posting? Since he is only a guest, he cant post anyways.

        I have his exactly do I find out who his ISP is?

        Thanks guys


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          Paste the IP address into the textbox and press enter. It should give you some information about who owns the IP address block. It is most likely a search engine.


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            ok thanks I'll give it a shot


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              cool this is what I got... I think its the same as the other guy in the other forum who said that this guy was from Poland. So you think this is a search engine or a real person?


              % This is the RIPE Whois server.
              % The objects are in RPSL format.
              % Please visit for more information.
              % Rights restricted by copyright.
              % See

              inetnum: -
              netname: PROSZYNSKI
              descr: Proszynski i S-ka
              descr: Garazowa 7
              descr: 02-651 Warszawa
              country: PL
              admin-c: PL545-RIPE
              tech-c: AJ247-RIPE
              status: ASSIGNED PA
              notify: [email protected]
              mnt-by: AS8308-MNT
              changed: [email protected] 19970926
              changed: [email protected] 19991228
              source: RIPE

              descr: NASK (PL)
              descr: Provider Local Registry
              origin: AS8308
              notify: [email protected]
              mnt-by: AS8308-MNT
              changed: [email protected] 19990105
              source: RIPE


              EDIT - Just realized I posted personal I deleted that....but basically you get the idea from this info above. It gave this persons address, email, and phone number.

              It looks like a person...not a search engine.
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                I'm not sure. I went to the site, and it doesn't tell me anything. You should probably just ban the IP.

                If it is a robot, it may follow the robots.txt protocol.

                Example (in robots.txt file)
                User-agent: *
                Disallow: /forums
                Most well-known robots (e.g. Google) follow this protocol.

                Visit for more information.


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                  ok thanks Mac. But if I ban his IP, that only prevents him from registering and posting. Since hes doing this stuff now, and hes not a registered member, banning him wont do anything will it? He will still be able to view the forums and do what he is doing now...he just wont be able to post.

                  Well, Ive banned his IP anyways, but I dont know if thats going to do anything. Thanks for the help though


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                    If you're running Apache, .htaccess will allow you to keep IPs off your entire website.....

                    How are you able to determine this person is attempting to user higher priviledge functions? Is this a hack? (If it is public, could I have what it is? I've been considering writing such a hack.)
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                      Hey mac turns out you were right!! The other user here having the problem emailed them and got this response below.

                      Kippesp: No its not a hack. If you just click whos online, you can see what the guests are doing. This one kept trying to do weird things like edit posts etc... but it looks like it wasnt a person, just a robot.

                      Thanks Mac! Sorry I doubted you

                      V-ray - - FYI. Looks OK - just got this:

             is our gateway.

                      What you probably experience is our crawler Szukacz which at the moment crawls all the websites listed in the Open Directory (the directory).

                      Our search engine works at (with the user interface in Polish only, unfortunately).

                      I apologize if our crawler made some problems to your website.
                      Certainly it is not our intention to cause problems. As far as we have
                      test it, our crawler follows all the robots.txt and the robot metatag rules.

                      There is a small chance, however, that it does something wrong.

                      If you let me know the name of your website, I will include it on the list of sites forbidden to be crawled.

                      And let me know what is the exact problem you experience.

                      Sincerely your
                      Mieczyslaw Proszynski


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