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How do I see which forums a person has access to...

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  • How do I see which forums a person has access to...

    ...when the access has been granted through user masks instead of a group? Is there a way to list all people with access to a particular forum?
    Deyth Valkyrre
    The Combine

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    from what I can tell you can only tell who special access on a user by user basis.

    If you have too many people with special access, you might want to consider creating a new user group.

    special note in the Control Panel :
    (Ensure that you have access masks enabled before attempting to use these!)
    to edit access on a user by user basis,
    1. go to the vBulletin Control Panel.
    2. Look down the list to where the "Users" section is.
    3. click the "Find" option.
    4. Fill in whatever search criteria you want.
    5. when the result comes up, click the "Edit Forum Access" link under "Useful Links" at the top of the displayed page.
    6. click which forums the individual user can enter.

    As far as I know, there is no special section to display which users have special access on a forum by forum basis. That's why I recommend creating a new user group for only those who will have special access. This way, you can at least keep them all listed in a grouping that is easier to manage


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      I can't go through a ton of users checking forum access for each. It would take days. I have users already in groups that at times need access to forums outside their group's access. It would not be feasible to create new groups for them.

      I take it there is no way to monitor permissions with user access masks. You guys might want to consider it for a future build. At the very least a search criteria.
      Deyth Valkyrre
      The Combine


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        You know,

        there must be a way to access that info. After all... it's already there. I'm still pretty new to editing vBulletin for new options.

        Maybe someone else knows how?


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          I believe i saw a hack with this idea at Have you tried there?


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            unfortunately there is no way to list all user access masks with standard vB features.
            But try this hack at




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              Even after having registered it tells me I have no permission to view that thread.
              Deyth Valkyrre
              The Combine


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                You need to add your name to the db at the same way you did here at to be able to see the licensed only forums.

                I believe this is the link to add your Forum Name to the db
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                  Thanks, great hack.
                  Deyth Valkyrre
                  The Combine


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