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[How to] insert Vb into homepage

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  • [How to] insert Vb into homepage

    Hi all!

    Well, we´ve finally decided to put our VB license to use, since we want to add an extra support option for our costumers.

    But we would want to put Vbulletin INSIDE our main site, is that possible, and how to do that?

    I have attached a screengrab to better explain.


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    Hmmm... Seems to have messed up a bit...

    How come it´s not possible to add attachment on second edit?

    Well HERE is the attachment


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      yes that's possible. the templates you need to edit are the header and footer. the header template starts the page and footer finishes it... insert html accordingly. the rest is html tweaking.


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        Hi Jakeman.

        Ehmm.. could You give an example, because I´m not that cool at this webcoding bit

        Our site is using php and MySQL btw.


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          it's in your vBulletin admin cp under templates.

          to be honest... writing the html for a layout like that can be very time consuming, and i don't have the time. usually you can find some one that will do it as a paid job.

          now... if you already have this style on the rest of your site it won't be that bad, just a lot of copying and pasting of the source code from your other pages. but i still don't have time . if you don't know how to do it yourself you can either learn how or pay some one to do it for you. this kind of stuff usually doesn't come free... plus it isn't jelsoft's job to help you with layouts like that. if you edit the default vB templates it's all you.


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            Have any idea what kind of $ we´re talking about?

            In any case,

            Thanks for the help Jakeman. Appreciated!


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              Question on your layout

              The login section of your screenshot, what is that log-in for? Is it for vBulletin, or for another section of your site?


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                Hi mashby..

                The site is actually a webshop and the login feature is for returning costumers. So as You might have guessed, we don´t want to draw the costumers too much away from the "order" button

                And, we want to implement as much as possible into the same site.. So, supportwise we would offer email, realtimechat and forum based support


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                  In that case...

                  In that case, depending on how your site is created (e.g. frames, php, dynamic data, etc), you should be able to edit the template in the Admin section of vBulletin to make it look like you want.

                  It should be just straightforward HTML that you'd need to insert into the appropriate sections. As Jakeman said, it can be a bit time consuming because you're making vBulletin act like the rest of your site and that all depends upon how your site was designed in the first place.

                  vBulletin allows you to customize it quite easily, but you just have to play with it. If you've made it this far with your site, this shouldn't be too tough.

                  Hope that helps!


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                    I would simply place a javascript redirect from the main page and point it to whatever directory you have the vbulletin in. Then, you can rennovate the default style of the vBulletin to match your main page's layout.

                    Because vBulletin is structured inside of tables, it's not too too hard to reconfigure. As mentioned earlier, the actual content of the board starts in the Header section of the Styles in your Control Panel, and ends in the Footer section.

                    *note: if you want to place the navigation panel into the left side of the page, and under the logo, you will need to make a table under the
                    <!-- logo and buttons -->

                    Make a <td> to place you navigation content in, and another <td> to place the
                    <!-- content table -->

                    Then, add the closing comments of your table into the Footer section.

                    Another option is to simply backup everything in your site's main directory, backup the vBulletin, install the vBulletin into the main directory, restore all Styles and such, and then modify whatever image paths are incorrect.
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                      Thanks man, Your explanation actually made sense to me, and webcoding isn´t exactly the thing I would put on my resume

                      The info is for our webninja, and then it helps I know whadda h... I´m talking about (or atleast have some generel idea)

                      Thanks for the help! And that goes for everyone

                      Btw. Is there a "guide" that explains what template is used where in Vb?


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                        Always glad to help

                        If you get stuck for some reason, just send along a message and I'll figure a way to send my Forum Style (as learned from reading all the great responses here) to you.

                        The templates usually have one or two keywords in them that are giveaways to what they do. Of course, you do have to wade through them, and the editing process can be a trial and error thing, heh.

                        As for a guide, I'm pretty new at this (I've been administrating a vBulletin board for about a year, but I've never been the database guy) so maybe someone else here can tell us both.
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