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Can't reply to threads.

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  • Can't reply to threads.

    Sometime between last night and this morning, replying to threads became impossible..

    Specifically, everytime anyone tries to respond to a post, and they click submit reply, it says

    No thread specified. If you followed a valid link, please notify the webmaster
    How do I fix that?

    It's happening on every thread..

    Thank you - Krupp

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    If you are not using vBulletin 2.2.4 you will need to upgrade. If you are then you need to follow the instructions in this thread:
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    Wayne Luke
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      I noticed this problem too, and was actually searching the forums to see if anyone else was having this problem. My boards are timing out on some replys but not others, and they're also timing out on some reply PMs and not others. After tinkering a while, I found the culprit: it's the email notifications and thread subscriptions. That was the only common factor in all cases. If I replied to a thread where the posters did not check the email notification box, it went through fine. But a thread could have 0 replies or 100 replies, and if the very last poster had the email nofitication checked, the next reply would lock up and then time out.

      I turned off the email notifications through the options page in admin and optimized the database. That helped some, but the problem was still showing up here and there, so I dumped all thread subscriptions (forum subscriptions don't seem to be a problem). That seemed to have fixed the problem for now. It's temporary, but all of my users can post again!

      The PMs have been a bit more of a problem. The email notifications are off, but people are still having difficulties. Anyone who has the "email notification on PM" turned on in their profile seems to get 3-4 copies of each PM in their inbox, plus 3-4 notifications. The person sending them the PM gets timed out, so they click the send a few more times thinking it must not have gone through. What happens is the PM does go through, along with the notification- you can see it in the person's sent items folder (3 or 4 copies of the PM usually), plus the recipient's inbox. It confused the heck out of everyone at first!

      For now, I've told my members to turn off that setting in their profile. I've never had email issues with vb on my server before. I have also found that the admin email functions are not working either. If I try to email all users or members in a certain user group, the script gets stuck on the first username and never gets past it.

      I am looking at all possibilities, and with recent events on my site, there are a few:

      -I just upgraded to 2.2.4 from 2.2.1
      -I added vbportal (but this doesn't seem to affect email functions and the news topics are not installed- I checked this!)
      -I have had two server crashes in the last week (non vb-related- denial of service attacks) and had to restore the site from backups.

      Lots of factors! I'm not ruling anything out, but had heard of other vb owners having trouble with email functions, so I thought I would look at that too. All of my mail settings are just as they were before upgrading to vb 2.2.4 and then vbportal. The problems existed before adding vbportal, but I'm checking to see if there is a conflict somewhere there too (love the script though!)

      Eventually I'll find it- but it definitely seems to be related to email notifications. When that factor is eliminated from the equation, the scripts work the way they are supposed to. I'd love to hear other vb owners' thoughts on this- it's been a tricky one to debug, but I'm getting there!


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        I am having the exact same problems you are having on 2.2.4 and after a week still trying to figure them out.


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          This is a known issue with Sendmail being overloaded on different servers. This is why it is related to email notifications.

          The mailing features have been reworked in 3.0 so that you can use custom code to handle these situations and other more advanced mail features depending on your mail server and the limitations imposed by your host. However the changes are too complex to integrate into the 2.X.X release.
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          Wayne Luke
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