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Seperate Boards running on same database?

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    Your host doesn't allow multiple databases? You can run multiple vBulletin's on one server using multiple databases.

    Not only would having multiple forums in one database make it easier for Jelsoft to lose valid licensing fees, but it is not technically recommended.

    When you have multiple high-volume scripts like vBulletin accessing the same database, the chances of your database becoming corrupted increases. When your forums get busy, the stress on the database itself can tear it apart since MySQL can have problems under highload if it isn't setup properly.

    If something happens to your database you lose 3 sites and not one. The backup will be monstrous to maintain as well.

    There are many reasons why this is not recommended. With most hosts giving out 3 or 4 databases on mid-level packages these days, this shouldn't be much of a concern. If you have your own server, creating a new database literally takes less than 10 seconds and that is if you use PHPMyAdmin to do it. These smaller databases will be less prone to corrupting, use less resources overall than one large database with the same data and be more manageable both in backing up and goodness forbid restoring.
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      Originally posted by LCD_Angel

      Well I for one would have no problem in purchasing a seperate license for each website tapping into the forum. I have three websites now and it would be a GREAT feature to be able to use one Database for all three of them. Right now I am just stuck with linking to the forum on 1 of the sites. But I understand you guys are into VB to make money as your #1 goal. Its a buisness and I guess like most other buisnesses the bottomline is your #1 concern.
      Making money is not the #1 goal, if that were true I don't think any company would suceed. Companies in it just for the money tend to fail more than companies in it to provide a service to everyone. Sure, money has to be made, have to pay the server bills and staff somehow, not to mention your off net bills, but I don't think they are in it just for the money.

      Just because something you want will not be added teh second you ask for it or in the upcoming version is no reason to be rude (going by the last statement you made). Too much has been done as Wayne said, to just drop it and integrate something else into it.

      There are many hackers out there, if you are really looking for this to be done, hire one of them, I am sure at least one of them would be able to (FireFly may be able to do it, who knows).



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        I wasn't trying to be rude. I was trying to say that I understand why VB wouldn't want to have a feature like that since they would have a problem with people buying only one liscense when they would otherwise need to buy 3 or 4. After rereading my post it does seem a bit a harsh, but I didn't intend it to be an attach on VB developers. After reading the stuff on the forums, I know that the VB guys going an excellent job to make VB the best forum on the net. I was just simply saying that it would be a great feature for myself, but yes no buisness can stay in buisness unless it makes money. If adding a feature like that to VB would reduce their income, than I can see why they wouldn't want to add it.

        VB is great and I am happy to use it on my website. Sorry if my previous post sounded rude, it was not my intention. I love VB!


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          Well I was looking through a bunch or posts, and I figured out how I could use different styles to make the boards look different while still having the same content.

          My question now it.... do I have to change the styles each time a new VB version is released and also did VB 2.2.4 fix the server uploads problem... can I restore the "Encrpttype" lines?


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            Okay, I can understand your reasoning behind not allowing table prefixes for the vB mysql database. However, for those of us who are only allowed a single database, would it be possible to at least hard-code the ability to have a separate "test forum database"?


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