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Last xx Posts on a vb page?

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  • Last xx Posts on a vb page?

    I apologize for putting this post here, as it relates to the 'Last xx Posts on a non-vb page' hack posted at, but I'm impatient and getting hack-related questions answered at is not as easy as it is here at

    Please take a look at here for the hack:

    Basically I want Last xx Posts to appear on a vb page, namely the forumhome page. I do not want to put the include statement in phpinclude, as I believe that it will slow down the page load. And I suppose that I cannot just stick the include statement in the forumhome template because that would not work. So do I need to hack index.php? If so how?

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    Sorry, you should know by now that we don't answer hack-related questions here. I'm sorry you aren't getting the answers at, but this is not the place for these questions.
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