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Why are some user posts going to Moderate Posts list?

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  • Why are some user posts going to Moderate Posts list?

    Hi I don't have any moderated forums. still I have about 10-12 posts that have shown up in my "Moderate New Posts" lists. Why could that be? Thx.
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    This happens when a user clicks the button to create a poll but doesn't fill in the form asking for poll the posts in the queue sound like they could be meant to have a poll with them?


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      I am having an issue with moderation as well. I am running vB 2.2.1 and have checked and rechecked everything and still cannot figure out why posts are going to moderator queue for this forum. Below is the forum permissions and forum setup for the forum in question. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Maybe another set of eyes will see something I did not. I am not allowing new threads in this forum, but I do want people to be able to see and reply to the threads without moderation.

      Forum Permissions
      Can view forum - Yes
      Can search - Yes
      Can use 'email to friend' feature - Yes
      Can post new threads - No
      Can post polls - No
      Can vote on polls - Yes
      Can post attachments - No
      Can download attachments - Yes
      Can move own threads to other forums - No
      Can open / close own threads - No
      Can delete own threads - No
      Can reply to own threads - Yes
      Can reply to other's threads - Yes
      Can view others' threads - Yes
      Can edit own posts - Yes
      Can delete own posts and threads - No

      Forum Setup

      Moderation Options
      Emails addresses to notify when there is a new post
      (Separate each with a SPACE)

      Emails addresses to notify when there is a new thread
      (Separate each with a SPACE)

      Moderator Queue
      (Require moderator validation before new posts are displayed)

      Attachment Queue
      (Require moderator validation before new attachment are displayed)

      Posting Options
      Private forum
      (Invisible to all except moderators and admins; user access masks must be on!)

      Act as forum?
      (Will act as a category if no)

      Is active?
      (Will not appear if not)

      Open for new posts?
      (Will have lock if not, but still act as forum)


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        Yep it looks like most are poll type questions. That's weird. Oh well, I will keep checking this queue regularly.


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