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ermm... weird! very weird...

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  • ermm... weird! very weird...

    I have just moved forums from one host to another one.

    1) when users post on new forums their post is on the top of old posts in the thread. (must be in the bottom)

    2) when they go to the forum this post with new message should be on the top of other threads. And it's not... It's just dissaper from 1st page. It looks like forum changed everything from top to bottom and vica-versa.

    3) when I go to the forum it says : Users online : 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 etc where 1,2,3 etc are names of the users. But these users AREN'T online!

    4) I'm trying to mark all forums as read... Clicking on link, forum says to me all forums are marked... redirecting... the same picture again - all posts are unread!!!

    Please help... 1300 members are waiting...

    With best regards wooolF[RM]
    Last edited by wooolF[RM]; Fri 22 Feb '02, 1:42pm.

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    never mind... we forgot to set time and date right on the server...
    It was something 1 januar 2000...

    muahahahahahahaha LOL


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