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Anyone help me out with a small problem?

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  • Anyone help me out with a small problem?

    Hi guys I have a small problem. I was wondering if anyone knows of a place were I could take a look at a dark blue to very light blue gradient. I need to pick 2 colors out to use on my site as a background and foreground color and I would like them to work together well.


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    this is how I do that

    My advice:

    Download and install Macromedia Dreamweaver 4 ( (30 days trail) and open a new document, goto menubar > insert > table > 5 rows > 3 columns and OK that.

    Then just click on a cell or row/column and goto background colour, then select > pick a color and click on a blue, there you got a nice gradient from black > blue > white. Select one and go see how it looks on the page.

    If it is too light, goto another cell, and do the same, just go a big higher or lower, this way you find out very easily which colours /gradients of blue work together in a forum and which done.

    Once you got the ones you want to use, write down their colour #hex and use that in the admin control panel of vbulletin.

    works perfect and works for me !


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      This is for vbulletin not a webpage. Or are you suggesting this for Vbulletin?


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        What I meant was, you can instead of just taking hours of colour snatching from other sites, just try making it in 10 to 30 mins yourself, using a html program like dreamweaver.

        See my screenshot, I made the cells, picked a background colour and with the colour picker I just go through different blue's .. because I did not know which to start with, I just picked a blue and tried out from there...

        I did the same with the purple site I have now @ So as you can see, you can get your own colour scheme in just 15 minutes or so, that everybody loves.


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          Thanks very much i'll check that out.


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            I use colorschemer at Free 15 day trial and $25 registration. They also have an online version of the program.


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