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    Originally posted by Mr. X
    I had Firefly's hack, but its not working for me for 2.2.5. Plus I found this hack easier to install and configure. But I need to ask, why the </style> in the head insert? When I did that, it seriously butchered the header, all of the code was displayed on my forum. I took it out and it fixed it.

    Also I cant nest at all. If I quote a post, it includes the first post of course, BUT if I quote a post that already has a quote in it, it just quotes the text in the post, not the quote.
    </style> is already in there, check out the first post again.

    FIND ... code, REPLACE WITH ... code.

    I think it is pretty obvious.


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      NM, its been cleared up. Since I have an edited head insert and didnt realize:

      .thtcolor {
      	COLOR: {tableheadtextcolor};
      was on the bottom for the default code (for me its in the middle somewhere due to the edited code I have), it got screwy for a moment.
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      gallery: here


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        works just great thanks,it worked like wonder in my forum,heres a pic


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          Originally posted by Atian
          works just great thanks,it worked like wonder in my forum,heres a pic
          Off topic >>

          In your signature, it has like a bunch of links to websites, and the first one also has a vBulletin forum, when I get the page "you are not logged in, you need to be registered to view the forum" in front of me, the button links like that, it get a dead image. Guess you need to fix that.

          The second url to ffunderground or something isn't working, no dns reply. Maybe you are moving?

          The third one works, and it looks pretty good.

          The fourth one says "comming soon", guess i have to wait a while then.

          I have no idea why your sig says "redirected to vborg". eheh

          The [www] button in your posts misses http:// in front of it, therefor your URL ends up as ..

          That is just something I wanted to mention to you

          I am happy to see that you got the template mod working, along with several others, like the onMouseOver highlight effect etc. Looks good on your board.


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            Has anyone come up with a way to have it use the {firstaltcolor} if the background of the post is {secondaltcolor} or vice-versa?


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              Originally posted by Superman53142
              Has anyone come up with a way to have it use the #F1F1F1 if the background of the post is #DFDFDF or vice-versa?
              Yes, but that is code-hacking, so not allowed for this thread. Check for FireFly's hints&tips on


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                cool, love the hack. How would I make the text in the box bold??


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                  Edit the quotereply template.
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                    Ahhh I got everything working perfectly. I was looking for a "hack" like this for sometime now. I could never get the firefly one to work on my board.


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                      Great Hack..

                      Installing 2nite.



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                        that was real real nice looking.

                        thank you xiphoid


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                          Cant you somply do something like:

                          make a tag called quote
                          and fill with this:

                          {option} said:
                          <blockquote><table bgcolor= "9997C1" width = 90%><tr><td>

                          then in the quotereply template and replace it with the following:

                          Originally posted by $originalposter

                          ^^ This worked for me.


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                            Umm VB took the [.quote] and [./quote] as quote tags...

                            but I think you understood .. right?


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                              Have anyone done this in vB3 ? If so plz tell how


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