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Adding a user to everyone's ignore list

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    Originally posted by Zzed
    I created a new user group called Ignored, and modified forumdisplay.php showthread.php and functions.php to make that user invisible to all users except himself, moderators, and administrators.

    I didn't assign a title to the user group, and I allowed his title to be determined by his post counts. But in forum display and thread display, I made his name show up in italics. This way when mods and admins are scanning a forum/post they can identify the ignored users.

    And yes, anything he posts will never be seen by any registered or any other ignored user.
    i know this is quite old now, but could you post how you accomplished this please. i get the concept, but am not familiar enough with php and vb to do it myself.

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      Originally posted by Zzed
      I have since then come up with various ways of dealing with bad membes a.k.a. trolls.

      Here is what I have done:

      - Ignored users. They post but no one sees them
      - Blurred users. Anything they post comes out blurry. Here is an example:
      - Miserable users. I have set up intentional sleeps, up to 60 seconds when they try to click on a link. And using a random number generator, they get server busy message 75% of the time, About 50% of the time, the page load fails, and other times, I throw in a META statement to throw them back in the main index. This one actually drives them nuts.
      - I have also setup IP traps and apssword traps for repeat offenders. I have a list of IP's that if a user, who is banned or ignored, signs up again on the board he/she will automatically become invisible again. Also most people with mulriple ID's tend to use the same password. I have hacked my site to store the plaintext passwords of the users, and I am using that info to also catch them if they come in and I make them invisible.
      - My IP traps also work for guests and unregistered users. If they happen to be one of the trolls they will automatically be treated like a miserable user.

      We do get occasional trolls on the board. The funny thing is that the board regulars warn the troll about what will happen to them.

      BTW, I just made some enhancements to my Ignore hack. I am just a bit too lazy to publish it. I think if someone were to twist my arm, I'll do it.
      That is fantastic I especially like the blurry post idea. I'm going to have to use this on our next spammer/troller


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        Re: Adding a user to everyone's ignore list

        Originally posted by FireFly
        If you want to add a certain member to all your users' ignore lists, run this query, replacing XXX with that user's ID:
        UPDATE user SET ignorelist=IF(CONCAT(' ',ignorelist,' ') LIKE '% XXX %',ignorelist,CONCAT(ignorelist,' XXX'));

        it all sounds very good but what about us idiots who dont know where to start?

        What do i do to make this work? where do i go ect......



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          Zzed, you're such a tease. Tell us how to do all that stuff, ok?



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            this has been most effective! Thanks! Can you please post the sql to reverse this? I think someone may have learned their lesson.


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              The blurry text thing only works for ie.


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                This is built into the AdminCP of vb3.
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                  um duh?


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                    Originally posted by conqsoft
                    This is built into the AdminCP of vb3.
                    Please look at the date of the original message. This was before there was a vBulletin 3 Admin Control Panel and vBulletin 3 was just a twinkle in its daddy's eye.
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