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    I have two domains that i want users to be able to access so that if one goes down, they have the alternate url to go to

    I added a zone to the dns, added to the ServerAlias in the httpd.conf file but when a user goes to, every page he goes too, the system keeps asking him to login

    what did i do wrong here?

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    Cookies can only be accessed by the domain that set them.

    If both domains are hosted on the same server (as evidenced by you stating that you put in a server alias) then if one goes down the other's going to be down as well...


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      actually not the case when u use different name servers and dns fails on one, not the other

      Anyway, i figured it out, the darn Cookies Domain was set to just one of the domains, i removed it, now users can alternate from url to url without having to keep "logging in" every page they try access


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