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  • change default template

    how do i change the default template. I can do it for each individual forum, but how about for the main page and every other non forum page.

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    The main page and all other non-forum pages always use the Default style.


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      Is there a way to change that? Maybe by renaming a style 'Default'?


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        Maybe i can help you on this..hope i am not wrong

        Try to understand this

        There can only be one Default style (which all will see) You can have many styles but this can only as you say be change for individual forum or to be selected by users if you allow them to

        Style = Replacment Set + Template Set

        What you do is to make all the changes you want in either the replacment and Template set by adding additional sets and calling them something you will remember them by

        then go to add style and click on modify Default and click on edit style set

        You should see a screen with title : default (Thats what everyone will see)
        then a list box with all the set of replacment sets and templates ..chose the appropriate one you want and click


        All this changes will be seen by all


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          You can also acheive the same effect by just editing the default template/replacement sets.

          Also you can sort of get round this by creating a user-selectable style, then going to each forum and set 'override styles' to yes. Then they'll see the individual forum setups but see the custom style on other pages.