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Transfer vbulletin to a new server

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  • Transfer vbulletin to a new server

    hi there,

    I am running my vbulletin for more than a half year now and have over 8000 postings in it.
    There are about 1000 registered users.
    Now I want to transfer the WHOLE Board including all the registered users of course to a new webserver. A mySQL-database is installed on this server. How can I do this? Can I do a back-up of the board and copy this backup to the new server? What is the best way of doing it without losing any data?

    Thanx a lot for your help



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    Step One - Backup current database:
    • Telnet into your system
    • from the root directory, type mysqldump -uUSERNAME -pPASSWORD databasename > /path/to/dump.sql
    • this should only take about than 30 seconds to a few minutes, depending on your database size
    • when it is completed, it will bring you back to the prompt
    • verify that you have a dump.sql in the /path/to area you specified
    Step Two - Transfer to new server
    • telnet into machine1, and from the command prompt type the following:
    • machine1$ cd /path/to/yourbackupdirectory
    • machine1$ ftp machine2 (IP or host) - this should open a connection and ask for your username/password
    • ftp> bin
    • ftp> cd /path/to/newdirectory
    • ftp> put dump.sql (should take no more than 30 seconds to a few minutes, depending in the file size)
    • ftp> close
    • ftp> quit
    • verify dump.sql is in the /path/to/new area on the new server
    Step Three - Install vBulletin on new server creating a dummy database (won't be used - you can delete later)
    • (I figure you know how to do that!)
    Step Four - Restore to new server
    • telnet into machine
    • create new database on the mysql (either via phpMyAdmin or telnet)
    • from the root, type mysql -uUSERNAME -pPASSWORD newdbname < /path/to/dump.sql
    • this takes a couple of minutes depending on your database size, but you can track the progress either by FTP (checking the /mysql/data/newdbname and see the files appearing) or by phpMyAdmin (you should see the files appearing there)
    • when it is completed, it will bring you back to the prompt
    Step Five - Bringing it back online
    • Go into your config.php and change the database name to the database name you created in Step 4.
    • upload config.php
    • Go into your admin/index.php and then click on "options" and change the URLs and verify the options and click "submit"
    Microsoft Beta Team


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