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Showthread is hosed, but it wasn't changed.

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  • Showthread is hosed, but it wasn't changed.

    (Note: I'm posting here on behalf of Eyes On Final Fantasy, not my own board)

    Our host, Gamesquad Networks, has just moved us to a new server, and the MySQL database just came back up.

    Now, the database itself seems to be fine; repair.php showed no problems, and I didn't have any problems rebuilding the search index. I can post a new thread on the forums with no problem, but whenever I try to VIEW a thread, I get an error message.

    Private Messaging works with no problems. Posting messages works with no problems, and I can browse the forum index.

    The URL of the forums is It is presently closed to prevent a flood of error emails If it is something that needs a tech person to actually look at the board, I will create a temporary admin account.

    I reiterate--I am not requesting help on behalf of the vBulletin registered in my name. This board is registered in the name of Sean Robinson, who is not available at the moment.
    Mark S. Huculak, CNA, MCP

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    Two things:

    1. The owner or Admin of that site needs to come here and ask for help.

    2. That board is running an extremely old and insecure version of vB. Before we can provide support, they will need to upgrade to the latest version.
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