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Here's my vBulletin setup! (3 Questions too).

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  • Here's my vBulletin setup! (3 Questions too).

    Well, it took a while but it's 98% there. (The rest is converting some .gif files over from native to the custom look). One of the things I'm really happy with is that I can keep the left hand nav column there throughout my vBulletin implementation, but have it not display when you're reading a post - in that way people can post very big pictures and it uses the max. width of your screen.

    I'm very, very proud of this. It's not "live" yet, but it will be shortly. I'm still beta-testing.

    Question 1: how can you go about changing the text of the Rules when you register a user ID? (i.e. the page where you have to click "Accept" before you fill in that big form.

    Question 2: where can I edit the text pertaining to the Registration page (where you fill in the fields? I want to indicate that the user has to put in a real name, not a nickname).

    Question 3: when a user isn't logged in, on the topmost page of the forum, the welcome message displays "Welcome to *the* Sword Forum International". Where do I go to remove the word "the"?

    Thanks, all! Hope you like my vB implementation! Enjoy the view!


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    It looks really nice

    1. signupadult template
    2. registeradult template
    3. forumhome_loggedout