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  • Question for tubedogg.

    Hi tubedogg, I have your last10.php file of your nice Last XX topics in non-vb page. Since you are quite busy, I am trying to figure out how to display 2 columns instead of 1 for the lastXX active topics myself.

    Could you please tell me where (or what counter) you are updating the counter to increment the while loop you are using in the last10.php display threads code? Is it an array of XX number of topics?? I am completely clueless about PHP or coding but I am trying to figure out things.

    Your help would be appreciated a lot!

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    ==> for such questions
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      I have posted about 5 times in that particular thread. Everyone is on his/her own in that group. IMO no hack out there works for 2.2.2 unless it's a template or something similar hack.

      Tubedogg is active here so I thought at least he could tell me how his hack works so I can modify it for my use since nobody there has answered my query.

      I just need to figure out what's the counter so at least I can put some <tr> </tr> in teh right places to display 2 columns.


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        Err nevermind methinks Tubedogg forced me to think and I have solved my own question Thank you !


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          Bascially, you won't get answer regarding hacks from Offical VB support forum.