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  • Help!

    After receiving the following e-mail from several people I think my board is going to start losing members!!!

    Here is an example e-mail:

    On the weakest link message board, when i try to make
    a new thread and click to post it, i get a page which
    askes me to sign in with my user name and password,
    which i already did, so i did it anyway and then i
    come back to the page which i make a thread again, i
    write the whole thing over and then i click to send

    Then again it does it again, askes to me to log in. I
    dont know whats happening please help.
    I just made a new account and my user name is:

    Please Help


    I told him to try clearing his cookies, and changing privacy level in IE6, but none of those ideas worked.

    I am using Apache on a Windows Box if that...helps

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    What version are you running? What's the URL to your Board? And finally, have you installed any hacks?
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