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Details about back-ups?

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  • tubedogg
    1. Yes it sounds right.

    2. The name is whatever you've named it - only you know what it is called. (Your browser should say 'downloading xxx.sql' where xxx is the filename.)

    3. Upload it and restore it. See step 4 here.

    4. Yes.

    5. Daily backups are put on tape and/or additional hard drives and/or other media. They are not downloaded and usually take only a few minutes to complete.

    6. Yes but you would have to reindex all posts if you ever needed to restore the backup.

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  • Shadowz
    started a topic Details about back-ups?

    Details about back-ups?

    For one...I have a 6600 member, 250k post message board....And this backup has been downloading all day, as of now its at 120mbs and i dont see it stopping anytime soon...
    is this correct...that many megabytes to backup?

    Once its on my system, whats the file name, so i can access it, and or delete it when it gets outdated?

    In case of a hack and or crash, what do i do with this backup file?

    Does this count towards my monthly bandwidth alottment, since im downloading a files from off my server?

    How do some servers offer daily backup's free of charge? Wouldnt this occupy lots of the resources, and take long periods of time?

    If i took off search function, would these decrease the size of my backup greatly?

    Sorry for all the questions, just want to learn the techincal side of the board, like database, dumping, and all that case of a board emergency...
    iight well, Thanks greatly...