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AOL on iMac "save file" msg when accessing homepage!

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  • AOL on iMac "save file" msg when accessing homepage!

    I don't know if this issue has been discussed before, I couldn't do a search... (less than 4 characters! )

    I have several users who try to access the forum through their AOL browser on Mac, and they get a message asking to "save file" instead of opening the forum... All URLs (to the homepage "", to specific forums or threads, to other sections...etc) trigger the same error and these users cannot view the forum at all.

    Any suggestion please?

    Thank you!


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    1. your php server shut down when they were accessing

    2. AOL's browser doesn't accept .php files correctly

    Either way, unless they try it from AOL on a pc its hard to say.
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      Apparently the problem only occurs on the AOL browser on MacOS. If they use IE or Netscape, it works, and the Windows AOL browser works too...

      Maybe it's a bug in the AOL MacOS browser, but that seems quite strange to me... Maybe it's a bug in the PHP of vBulletin?

      Also, I was wondering if other people here had the same problem with their forum, or someone using AOL on MacOS having problems to access vBulletin forums...

      Thanks for any help


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        The aol browser has to be incorrectly configured, try getting your users to go view another php script say, test.php with the following in it

        echo "test";

        if they are asked to download that then there browsers are not configured correctly.

        If they get shown the message text then it could possible be the lack of headers to the browser, try turning on the Standard header, its under the vBulletin Options in the HTTP Headers and output section.
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          Thanks PPN!!!

          I am doing a few tests now with my users...

          As for the HTTP 200 OK headers, does turning them on affect anything else? What is the exact way all this works? Thanks for any info


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            The HTTP header was designed really for IIS as it has problems if you don't send the OK header, it won't effect anything else.
            Scott MacVicar

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