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  • tubedogg
    There are two things here...
    First, if you have assigned permissions to your forums by category and let them cascade down (e.g. you have custom permissions assigned to a parent forum but not the child forum, and therefore it is using the parent forum's permissions) users will be able to see thread titles on Who's Online of private threads, although they will not be able to access them. This is something that will be fixed for v3.

    Second, you as admin will be able to see the titles of the private threads even if the above is not the case.

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  • Floris
    What happens here ..


    Admin is looking at a thread on a private forum.

    .. a registered user is checking 'whois online' and sees:

    Admin > Viewing Thread

    Another admin is looking at a thread on a private forum.

    .. an administrator user is checking 'whois online' and sees:

    Admin2 > Viewing thread titled: How about this user John?

    When I do a search on today's active threads, threads from the private boards only show up to those who have permission to those boards.

    So please check with which user you are checking this.

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  • diettalk
    started a topic Active Topics

    Active Topics

    I've noticed that private "topics" will be displayed in "Active Topics" (noting that if you click on them, you can't view them) but is there a way not to display them?

    They also show up under "who's online" as well.

    I would like to see them just show up as "viewing private forum" (with no link) or just not show up at all.

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  • raakinh
    Private Forum permissions
    by raakinh
    I have recently upgraded to vB 5.1.0 and it seems there's some problem with the channel permissions for the private forums.
    • The Super Moderators and Administrators are able to view all the contents
    Mon 31 Mar '14, 12:08pm