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DB Backup by days?

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  • DB Backup by days?

    We're hosting our boards on a shared server without Telnet access, so we have to rely on what the Admin CP and phpmyadmin can give us to backup the forums.

    The problem is, that our database has grown to over 30 megs already, and due to the restrictions we have, we cannot run sql queries exceeding a certain timelimit (about 1 minute).

    I was wondering if there is any way of backing up the forum with the configuration we are running? I was thinking of splitting up the backups by days, but the Admin CP doesn't offer this, it can "only" split it up by tables.
    So is there a query i could enter in phpmyadmin which would do a partial backup by day?

    Hope I made myself clear enough, thanks in advance for any help.

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    In order to have a daily backup of the mysql database you have to request this from your system administrator. I am sure they are willing to help out their clients by running a daily mysql backup and put that in a none-public directory so you can download it through FTP.

    I think one of their options is to run this through crontab (linux). But maybe mysql has an build in feature I am currently not aware of.

    vBulletin doesn't have a daily backup feature. I am afraid you have to manually log in on a daily base to let it store the big database file on a given location of which you later can download it. I also think it is not possible to build in a auto-backup system, because PHP isn't made for that. It is meant to be process on request, and not as a background shell script.

    Good luck!


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      Thanks for the info.

      Actually what I am trying to achieve is not exactly a daily backup, but several day by day backup files.

      Say I wanted to backup everything stored inside the db from jan 15th, than 16th, and so on. Would that be possible?


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        system admin

        Yes, this is possible.
        Your system administrator of the web server can do a backup of the mysql database on that day, and name it after that day

        > database_date.sql

        however, if it is over 30mb in space.
        after a amonth you have almost almost 1gb of space so keep an eye on that

        I do think you have to contact your system administrator with these questions. He knows the options for your user-account.

        Backing up is a good thing !