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Moved Server - Created dupe name - How to combine?

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  • Moved Server - Created dupe name - How to combine?

    I moved servers when I upgraded to vBB 2.0.2. This has been a bug since that time.

    While I am now at 2.2.1, I'd like to tell you how I did this...

    I installed a fresh copy of vBB on my new server. During the install process, the system asked for an Administrator name, so, I gave it my username (USER for example). The install completed.

    Well, I totally forgot that my username on the OLD system is also USER. So, when I loaded the old database into my new server, I ended up with two of the same username (USER).

    Each username has a different email address. But, when I log in the system picks one (not sure which one for sure).

    My question to you is.... how can I 'merge' the information of these two users together? Right now, one account shows 253 posts while the other shows 346 posts. I want to combine those stats, and I certainly don't want the system to show those old posts of mine as Anonymous sender..... (like the delete user command)

    Any ideas?

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