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"Edit buddylist" and "Edit ignore list" show blank pages.

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  • Steve Machol
    Could this somehow be related to the problems you've reported in several other threads today, namely faulty upgrades? I think because of the number of problems you've reported, it might be best to fill out a support request rather than to try and tackle these one at a time. Go here and include a list of all the problems you're having:

    The support staff will need your Admin CP and FTP login info in order to help. I sincerely hope we can sort this out for you. Good luck!

    Leave a comment:

  • "Edit buddylist" and "Edit ignore list" show blank pages.

    When a user clicks on "edit ignore list" or "edit buddy list" from their control panel, it shows a blank page as if it cant find the template.

    I know the templates are there because I have checked them myself.

    Can anyone help?

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