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database errors this morning, now all posts missing

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  • database errors this morning, now all posts missing

    This morning I had several database errors come through (mysql error: Got error 127 from table handler

    mysql error number: 1030)

    This affected the post and attachment tables. I closed my forum, ran the repair script a couple of times until it showed that the tables were ok.

    When I go to my forum, the postcounts reflect what should be there. The threadlists are there. But when I click to view a thread, I can only see posts made since the error, all other posts seem to be gone.

    I am running 2.2.1, MySQL 3.23.45 on a dedicated server with VenturesOnline, 1 gig ram, dual 933 processors. I'd give you the url, but i have the forum closed for now.

    Thanks for any help.

    *update* they aren't ALL missing, just some are missing.
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    Error 127 means the file crashed for some reason.

    Grab repair.php from the 'extras' directory of the vBulletin zip file and upload it to your main forums directory. Run it in a browser like this: