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  • Info on the top of the page

    We're moving over from EZBoards and trying to set the new boards up so the messages can move over easily.

    One of the things we have on EZBoards which we'd like to have here is the ability to put a few lines or links across the top of the page - not as an "announcement" but rather a template for users to follow - here's a few examples

    Welcome & Intros

    Is there any way for us to do that here? We don't mind a one time hack into the code to create an additional box in which we insert text&links on the Add New Forum page - in fact, that would be ideal. But since the text is going to be different on each page, and may change sometimes, just hacking isn't realistic.

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    well, just as a template edit, i can help. i'll give you 2 ways

    i dunno if there is a hack for this, so you may wanna take a look over at


    Way #1

    under <!-- End Left Nav Bit --> in the forumhome template you can simply add a table there which will make it show you on the main page (go to and look at the welcome panel...that was added by basically creating a new table and placing it under that code)

    Way #2

    This is what I use for my left nav over at my site...this will help make things a bit cleaner/easier to manage

    Create a new template...let's say for this example it's top_nav

    In your phpinclude template add this:

    eval("\$headernav = \"".gettemplate('top_nav')."\";");
    Then create the tables that you want to be shown at the top or whenever in your top_nav template

    Then add $headernav to the forumhome template under <!-- End Left Nav Bit -->


    Basically the difference of the 2nd way is to make it easier for you to manage and to keep things cleaner in the forumhome template

    There may be a hack for this or another way to do it. I just showed you how I did it. Hope it helps


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      What does this give us?

      I'm still getting used to the VBulletin structure and terminology. Would what you suggested above allow us to have extra spaces to enter things on the ADD FORUMS page? And if so, would we then be able to add things on that ADD FORUMS page which would show up in the specified locations on the left nav bar?

      In other words, if we wanted to have:

      Title _________________________

      Description _____________________

      URL _________________________

      Quote _________________________

      Display Order _________________________

      And then the left nav bar would have:

      (Box 1):
      Link To Announcements

      (Box 2):
      LINK (info from the URL input)

      (Box 3):
      QUOTE (from the quote input)

      (Box 4):
      Links to our other sites (which will be the same on every page on the board)

      Would your suggestion do that?


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        not really sure wat ur asking

        sorry. i've got a headache now also so i don't think it's helping much


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          You don't even need to hack. All you have to do is edit the header templates. I myslef moved from ezboard, just completed the move a few weeks ago. If you haven't done it yet, here are a few tips.

          Pay special attention to this thread.

          Make sure to install these hacks before get freddie to do your import, and before you let users start registering.

          If you have any questions, you can PM or e-mail me.


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            Oh! You're MUGGLENet!


            We're FictionAlley! Nice to meet you outside the HP universe.

            We've got one of the programmers working on the hack, and any other help you can give would be much appreciated.

            Which template, in particular, should we be looking at?


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              Youv'e heard of mugglenet? I have seen your ezboard before a few months ago. I don't know anything else that might help you off the top of my head, but if you have questions later let me know.

              The template you should be editing is called the header template.