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Can you help me with this import? I'll pay you ...

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  • Can you help me with this import? I'll pay you ...

    Hello All,

    I'm now totally desperate to do this import - copying data from a table called "pals" in the MySQL database to the "user" table.

    I've tried using the script below but with no joy :

    PHP Code:
    <cfquery name="qGetMSSQL" datasource="vBulletin">
    SELECT *
    FROM Pals

    cfloop query="qGetMSSQL">

    cfquery name="qPutMySQLUser" datasource="vBulletin">
    INSERT INTO [user](usergroupidusernamepasswordemailstyleidadminemailshowemailinvisiblejoindatecookieuserlastvisitreceivepmemailonpmpmpopup)
    VALUES (2, <cfif qGetMSSQL.screenname EQ "">'#qGetMSSQL.firstname##qGetMSSQL.surname#',<cfelse>'#qGetMSSQL.screenname#',</cfif'#qGetMSSQL.Password#''#qGetMSSQL.Email_Address#'0100100266176711002661767111)
    cfquery name="qPutMySQLUserField" datasource="vBulletin">
    INSERT INTO [userfield](useridfield5field6field7field8field9field10field11field12field13field14field15field16field17field18field19field20field21field22field23field24)
    VALUES (last_insert_id(), '#qGetMSSQL.Other_Surname#''#qGetMSSQL.Service_Number#''#qGetMSSQL.Homepage#''#qGetMSSQL.Branch_Trades#''#qGetMSSQL.Bases_Served#''#qGetMSSQL.Squadrons_Served#''#qGetMSSQL.Year_Start#''#qGetMSSQL.Year_End#''#qGetMSSQL.Other_Comments#''#qGetMSSQL.Firstname#''#qGetMSSQL.surname#''#qGetMSSQL.nickname#''#qGetMSSQL.Middlename#''#qGetMSSQL.Address1#''#qGetMSSQL.Address2#''#qGetMSSQL.Address3#''#qGetMSSQL.Address4#''#qGetMSSQL.Address5#''#qGetMSSQL.Address6#', <cfif qGetMSSQL.Service EQ 1>'Royal Air Force'<cfelseif qGetMSSQL.Service EQ 2>'Royal New Zealand Air Force'<cfelseif qGetMSSQL.Service EQ 3>'Royal Australian Air Force'<cfelseif qGetMSSQL.Service EQ 4>'Royal Canadian Air Force'<cfelseif qGetMSSQL.Service EQ 5>'British Army'<cfelseif qGetMSSQL.Service EQ 6>'Royal Navy'<cfelseif qGetMSSQL.Service EQ 7>'Australian Army'<cfelseif qGetMSSQL.Service EQ 8>'Australian Navy'<cfelseif qGetMSSQL.Service EQ 9>'Canadian Army'<cfelseif qGetMSSQL.Service EQ 10>'Canadian Navy'<cfelse>'Non-Military'</cfif>)


    My site is now in serious crap as I can't progress until 5000 records from "Pals" are inserted into "users" as described in that script.

    THEREFORE, I'm prepared to pay US$40 for somebody who can carry out the import successfully. I can't really afford this as it's a personal project and I'm still a broke graduate, but without it I'm buggered. I can make payment via PayPal.

    What I'm looking for is someone with good experience who is trustworthy and can be vouched for (ie - staff, moderator or someone who has a reputation on these boards) who can carry out the import. I will agree to half in advance, on the proviso that if they are unsuccessful they return that half.

    Additionally, I would like advice from them on the most secure way to send them the database and assurance that no copies of the data would be kept.

    I apologise if this sounds formal - I've not done this before, but am desperate for help.

    Please contact me via boards, PM or email,

    Kind Regards,

    Ross Williams
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    Um - please? Have I got my exchange rate wrong? US$40 is about thirty quid, which surely isn't too bad? Just need someone who knows MySQL and can move the prescribed fields from "pals" table to "user" and "userfield".


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      Get PhpMyAdmin
      Find your USER table in your DB
      Make sure a row called PALS is there, if not then there's your problem.
      USE PHPMYADMIN to add the row PALS to the table
      then you can import your "pals" information into the table via PHPMYADMIN

      Pals is a hack, and you wont find much help here since you modified the table in the DB. Problems arising from unsuccesful hacks cannot be solved without knowing full details.

      ALSO all hack problems can be asked over at since that's where all hacks were moved to.
      There are only 10 types of people in the world: Those who understand binary, and those who don't


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        Hi Dude,

        Pals isn't a hack - it's the name of a table that I've got all my members in!! I tried importing that data into vBulletin user table, but no joy.

        I obviously didn't describe my problem accurately as your response is nothing to do with my problem.

        Might as well close this thread now - I thought I was being pretty generous offering some dosh to sort that out, but nobody seems interested. Will just have to get people to re-register in new database.

        Very disappointed.


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