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Total screw up :( hope there's a way round it :(

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  • Total screw up :( hope there's a way round it :(

    Ok i was adding new user groups fro my board and added the admins already to this user, now here's the corker, i then choose to remove the user group, but in the process remove all admins down to new member status Laff

    now i don't want to if i can help it to scrap the board and start again as it took me a long time to get it to this stage

    Is ther anyway to get my admin status back ??
    i have PHPADMIN on my server which i can access all the users and such is there a way i can change it from there to let me back in ??

    This may no be a subject you want to post the answer to here, so a PM would be nice

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    If I'm understanding you correctly you should be able to run getadmin.php. It's in the 'extra' folders of the file. Just upload it to your forums directory (or perhaps admin) and run it from your browser.

    Be sure to delete it after you're done!
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      You should upload it to your main forums directory.

      Also you need to first register another user because you'll need a normal member to promote to admin using the getadmin tool.


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        Thanx that sorted it for me


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