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external links target=_blank, internal links target=_top?

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  • external links target=_blank, internal links target=_top?

    The default behavior in vBulletin is that when someone posts a URL vBulletin converts it to a clickable link and adds target=_blank. This is great for when people post links to other websites, etc. so that my forum stays open in the background.

    But when people post internal links to other threads, it can get annoying for them to open in a new window.

    Is there any way I could create an "if else" logic that would:
    -add target="_blank" when creating autolinks to any external url
    -except add target="_top" when creating autolinks to threads?

    (I guess the if else logic would actually work the other way around, if the URL=myurl, vBulletin would add target="_top", else it would add "target="_blank".

    How would I do this exactly?

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    You could do this but it would require editing the PHP code which you need to ask for help with at


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      OK - I'll repost my question over there.

      Thanks as usual tubedogg for the reply.

      I will say though that I think it's a definite weakness that the official vBulletin site doesn't cover modifications anymore.

      One of the best things about buying a robust and customizable application like vBulletin is the ability to customize it. If all customizations are not only "not officially supported" but "officially not supported" I'm not sure I feel as good about buying vBulletin as I once did...

      But I guess there must have been a reason to cut vBulletin in half.


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        Customizations, as long as they do not include editing the PHP code, are fully supported here. However due to the volume of support we must provide, and due to time constraints of our own (we have lives outside of vBulletin, ya know ), we can't do what would esentially amount to supporting 5000 different versions of vBulletin. We would like to help you change things to your liking, and that's why most of the mods from here are frequent visitors (and even mods themselves) at But if the code has been changed, there are a thousand new variables that enter the picture, including interaction between customer-written code and official code, that we just don't physically have the time to be able to sort through and maintain a reasonable time table for responses to support queries.