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  • Text color of nav bar

    How do I change the text color of my navbar? I edited the navbar template and the first and last text shows up right, but not the middle text. And how can I get it to go all the way across?

    Also, How do I change the color of the text under the "New Thread" button. It says Subscribe to this thread, and mark all threads as read?


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    I think its in the body tag.

    The text one.
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      I need to keep it seperate from the body tag. For example, if I change the text color in the body tag to #FFFFFF I can't read all of the text on the page because by Table bgcolor is #F4F4EA.


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        You could put color tags round the individual pieces of text in the templates ?
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          I can't find where to do this at? It seems to be dynamically created. Not hard text.
          Unless I'm just looking in the wrong place


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            That would involve changing code then. Ask at

            I think the simplist thing to do would be to change your colors.
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              Both the navbar and the subscribe to this forum, mark read are links and will display with your main colors for links, unless you create a CSS class or inline style to change them. In the navbar template and the forumdisplay_newthreadlink template, you could try adding a class to the <a> element in the templates, but some browsers probably won't like it. An alternative, since everything on a vB page is in a table cell, is to find each instance of navbar on the templates and apply the class to the TD ( <td class="difflinks">). That's easy for the newthreadlink template, because it only appears on fourmdisplay, but would be quite a chore for navbar. I'd try the <a> class first.

              For best results, declare a color and background for the class, even though you don't expect to use them, then declare each of the link types separately like so:

              .difflinks { color: red; background-color: white }
              .difflinks a:link { color: green; background-color: transparent }
              .difflinks a:visited { color: green; background-color: transparent }
              .difflinks a:hover { color: orange; background-color: transparent }
              .difflinks a:active { color: blue; background-color: transparent }
              If you want the links to have different background colors, use the color instead of "transparent". This seems to work with most browsers from 4-6 families. Make sure to declare the links in the order I've given or you get erratic results with different browsers.

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                Doesn't require any code changes, just template editing. Namely, the nav_linkon template is what you're looking for.
                Add the class like samtha25 said and add it to that template's <a> tag.
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