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need help understanding import/export/backup/restore of styles and templates?

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  • need help understanding import/export/backup/restore of styles and templates?

    Can someone summarize the exact relationship between styles and templates? I'm thinking of adding a second style for troubleshooting purposes, but I don't quite have a handle on the relationship/differences between templates and the file.

    Is the file essentiall an sql dump of the templates? Or is it something more or less?

    I notice for example that when I go to Styles -> Download and select to download my current Default style, the resulting file is 125 KB. But the file in the vBulletin /admin directory is ~ 412 KB. Why are they so different in file size? (Everything appears to be in good running order in my Forums, to me)

    Now as far as troubleshooting, a couple of my favorite users are experiencing problems which I cannot see on my computers or any browsers which I've tried, but I'm thinking of implementing a second style for them to test with... just the default vbulletin template set with no changes to rule out any errors which I might have introduced.
    How do I
    #1) Backup my current styles/templates (if styles/templates are not the same thing) to be 100% sure I will not lose anything and it will be a snap to restore my current customized Default template set.
    #2) Add a second template set which would be the factory-shipped vbulletin templats (I see that you can either add a new template set under templates, or upload a style under styles - what's the difference?

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      When you download one of your style sets, the resulting file will usually be much smaller than the original
      This is because only changed templates and/or replacement variables (the {xxx} things) are saved.

      Then, when you import the style, the edited items are taken from that file, and the original completes the package to a full working style.
      (in this way or another )

      This is why it is very important not to change the original file no matter what.
      It's actually less vital after you install your board or upgrade, but in general you should not mess with it.

      So to answer your first question, yes, the *.style file you save your style to contains all the information from it.

      1) Just like I said, download the style into a .style file and save it someplace safe. If anything goes wrong you can always import it back in 2 seconds.

      2) When you add a new template set (no matter what link you are following), the set is created will all the default ("factory shipped") templates that come with vBulletin.

      However when you upload a style under Styles, you can import your own style. For example, let's say you made a backup of your style and started messing with your templates.
      Sooner or later, you ruined it. You can now use the upload feature to upload your own style, that will have all the templates you had when you downloaded it - and not the original vBulletin templates.

      Remember that Style is nothing but a linker of some sort. What really makes the style are two sets - its template set and replacement set.
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