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  • Style/Category/Forum conflict...

    HAN is currently using 3 different styles, and the problem I have is this:

    I'm on the default style, but when I click on a Category, say Honda, I get a different style, and when I click on a forum, like Civic, I get the default style back. Any ideas?

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    Are you sure the Honda forum doesn't have a style set for it? (in the forum's Edit screen it's the "Custom style set for this forum" setting)
    Chen Avinadav
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      Hmmm, well, some of them WERE set to my Black/Grey style set, instead of Default, but still the "Override users custom styles" was set to No, so it SHOULD have showed up in default whenever someone with a default style viewed it???

      And why would some change to the Black/Grey style instead of default, which one actually stayed Default.

      I changed them all to default for now though!