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Still strange things with new users registering

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  • Still strange things with new users registering

    There were 2 bugs. One with registering and one with sending validation emails.

    Got them both fixed (so I thought) by downloading the global.php and register.php from the bugs forum.

    Still something strange happens.
    New users registering, can register, after registering in most cases they can make use of the board, however, when checking their account in the admin CP at "custom user title" the word "waiting" appears. It is not used because I set the override usertitle to "no" so they get the "registered member" usertitle.

    But if things are fixed, how can it happen this "waiting" gets filled in on that line?
    Greetings, Black Tiger

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    Strange. Did you ever get it fixed? Or is this still happening?


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      The strange thing I mentioned is still happening.
      I made a seporate post of it in this forum, but nobody reply'ed to it yet, in spite of the fact it is there already some time.
      Greetings, Black Tiger