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really this should go in bugs report

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  • really this should go in bugs report

    but it will not let me post in there.

    I am using a couple of hacks by Bira and Lesane: showpost and top thread poster. Whenever a guest post, the query is behaving weird.

    In bira's showpost, if the thread starter is a guest, it will increment all follow up guests as the same person.

    In lesane's, all non guests posters accrue into one and show on single individual as the top poster even if he posted only once.

    I am posting this, because even if they are hacks, they still show that the query in the original VB falters when guests are involved.

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    Because the problem only comes up through a couple of hacks, I think that you won't get support here (iirc hacked sites don't get supported). What you need to do is post this in the "support" forum on
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      I think the problem is from here

      all those hacks are great. But I think that VB is deficient on the way it is treating guest posts. I do not think that this is a hack problem. All queries into VB do not take into consideration the fact that in some boards guests are allow to post.


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        ok, sorry. I really don't have a clue about guest-posting so I don't know how vB behaves in that (I've never had guest-posting enabled, you see).

        I'll try to play around on my development forum tomorrow and see what I can come up with


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          oh yes, definitely a bug

          VB is treating all guests as the same "one" person, returning the results as belonging to the first guest real name it finds.

          In lesane's I had 90 posts assignes to one guest who posted once, but there were 90 different guests who posted and in bira's if the thread starter was a guest and follow up answers were made by 10 different guests, it will show the 10 subsequent posts as belonging to the first guest with a count of 11 (first one + 10 answers).


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            Please show me on an, unhacked, forum where two guest posts in the same thread have problems.

            I do not see any "bugs" here


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              want to make a test on an unhacked board? Have many guests post non stop under different names and on your ststs you will show the top poster as a guest who posted only once. I realize that you are a developper, but I am telling you that VB, when making a query is treating all non members (guest) as ONE person.


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                The two specific instances you noted are hacks for vBulletin, which are neither made nor supported by Jelsoft. If you are having problems with the core functionality of vBulletin, without hacks installed, please provide as much information as possible about it. Otherwise, if this is only happening with hacks, there is nothing we can do about it and we suggest you contact the hacks' authors and/or post in the support forum at .

                vBulletin gives all guest posters the same userid - 0. However on an unhacked board there are no known bugs.


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                  Guests for all intensive purposes are "one" person, userid 0 as Tubedogg said. We do not track guests based on the username they chose to use and I don't see us changing that.


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