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  • E-mail System Not Working

    I just got a license today, and the install went well, except that I had to change all the .php to point to the "setup" folder instead of the "admin" folder where requested since I'm using Hosting Controller to administer my site which well, uses the "admin" folder already.

    Anyways, so I set everything up, everything seems to be ok, but, when someone wants to register, they never get the Welcome E-mail !

    I'm running on a Win2k Advanced Server and it has IMAIL 7.0

    I did run that emailtest.php that came on the "extra" folder and it gave me an error in Line 5 or something like that.

    How do I setup my server so that this E-mail system will work with VBulletin? Because the usual Pop3 E-mail system works.

    I used to run on Unix before and I know that uses Sendmail, but I'm a bit unaware on how to configure this on the Win2k platform.

    Immediate assistance would be very much appreciated. Thank you.

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    WoW, I thought registered license members received premium support? I was hoping to get my question answered It's been well over 6 hours.


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      It can sometimes take 24 hours for a responce to be given to a customer, but usually time the is better...

      Do you have a smtp server specified in the php.ini?


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        Ok, thank you, no it's just that, I was hoping to be able to finish the install today, had no clue an answer would take up to 24 hours since these were crowded boards, I would assume E-mail would take 24 hours, but anyways, sorry about that...

        Ok, my dedicated box is brand new, so no wonder:

        ; Module Settings ;

        ; Whether or not to define the various syslog variables (e.g. $LOG_PID,
        ; $LOG_CRON, etc.). Turning it off is a good idea performance-wise. In
        ; runtime, you can define these variables by calling define_syslog_variables().
        define_syslog_variables = Off

        [mail function]
        ; For Win32 only.
        SMTP = localhost ; for Win32 only

        ; For Win32 only.
        sendmail_from = [email protected] ; for Win32 only

        I have that works, so I just replace that with the above? no " " or anything?



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          This is the issue that I am getting:

          Warning: Undefined variable: address in D:\wwwroot\w000tnetworks\wobforums\\www\mailtest.php on line 5

          What's the variable it's talking about?



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            Ok, this is an issue with vB and PHP 4.1.

            PHP 4.1 included a new way of handling var's and vB isn't setup that way, so in your php.ini you need to set
            To on.....

            This should fix your problem..


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              Ugh !! I was so happy that you had finally found out what the problem was, but now I checked my php.ini and it already has register_globals ON !! Now what do I do ?



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                Ok, when I tried to register a test user this is what I got:

                Warning: Failed to Connect in D:\wwwroot\w000tnetworks\wobforums\\www\register.php on line 497

                This is what it said above the page where Vbulletin thanks you for registering and where it is asking you to check your E-mail to confirm.

                So I went to Line 497 and this is what is around that line:


                eval("\$message = \"".gettemplate("email_newuser",1,0)."\";");
                eval("\$subject = \"".gettemplate("emailsubject_newuser",1,0)."\";");

                mail ($newuseremail,$subject,$message,"From: \"$bbtitle Mailer\" <$webmasteremail>");

                // sort out emails and usergroups
                if ($verifyemail) {
                // make random number
                mt_srand ((double) microtime() * 1000000);

                //save to DB
                $DB_site->query("INSERT INTO useractivation VALUES (NULL,'$userid','".time()."','$activateid',0)");

                eval("\$message = \"".gettemplate("email_activateaccount",1,0)."\";");
                eval("\$subject = \"".gettemplate("emailsubject_activateaccount",1,0)."\";");

                mail ($email,$subject,$message,"From: \"$bbtitle Mailer\" <$webmasteremail>");


                ANY clues ?



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                  Ok will somebody please help me???
                  I don't know if I'm at the wrong place, but I'm just asking for the premium support that license owners get.




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                    hi WoBber

                    Try this - find this line in register.php

                    line 497:

                    PHP Code:
                    mail ($email,$subject,$message,"From: \"$bbtitle Mailer\" <$webmasteremail>"); 
                    replace it with:

                    PHP Code:
                    mail ($email,$subject,$message,"From: $bbtitle Mailer"); 
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