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  • uploading avatars


    I have a propblem uploading avatars. I'm running in RedHat 7.1 in PHP in safe mode and in optons I have configured to use safe mode and Allow Image Size Checking Failure? Yes. If I configure as No, vbulletin tells me the image is not a valid image (but it is). So I decided to turn it on, and now my problem comes:

    If a user upload an image, image is uploaded to the tmp directory, I think vbulletin checks if it's valid (format, space and width) and then put it into the database. If it's a valid image vbulletin delete it from the tmp folder. If not, the image remains there. So I think it's not running properly because the files must not be there.

    Could you point me to the clue to get the invalid files deleted after checking?

    Than you

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