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Translating vB to spanish :)

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  • Translating vB to spanish :)

    Hello everyone!!

    This is our first post here!

    We run a spanish Michael Jackson WebSite, and we are currently using a spanish vB translation by one of the members of this forum (thanx pal!)

    However, we would like to write our own complete translation... But we don't know where to start!!

    We previously used YaBB, and they have a separate lang text files where they give each variable a translation, depending on the language you use in your forum

    For example:

    $txt{'1'} = "No tienes acceso a esta sección";
    However, we would like to know where to begin if we want to make our own translation

    Thanx in advance, friends!!

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    The best way to do a translation with vB 2.x is to go through all the templates in the control panel and translate all words (but be careful not to translate the HTML code).

    vBulletin 3 will probably have some kind of better language/translation system (but we are still working on the details of exactly what this will consist of).


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      vBulletin 3 also.. defrags your hd at night, washes your dishes, and many other various tasks .


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        Wow! That's what I call a quick reply!! Thanx!!

        Well... the problem is that we currently have version 2.0.3 installed, with this translation we talked about before I would love to upgrade to 2.2.1, but I don't want to turn my board to english!

        Would our board be turned to english if we upgrade to 2.2.1? Should I upload the "english default" template, and start modifying it, once I upgrade? Can't I do this "offline"?

        Thanx in advance And sorry about our english


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          upgrading wont change your current templates.


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            Upgrading only changes templates that you have never modified, so your templates would stay Spanish.

            However you would have to make a few updates to the Spanish templates to add any changes required for 2.2.0/2.2.1 to work - see the threads announcing those two versions in teh Announcements forum by John for details of what exactly you do need to change.


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              Thanx everyone for your quick replies!!

              Well, we have now installed vbulletin in our local server, to test things out.If we edit our templates in our local vbulletin, how can we export it later so we can use it in our "online" server?

              Thanx in advance!!


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                You need to go to the Templates -> Download/Upload section of the control panel, download the style set and then upload it when you get vB installed on your web server.