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Using admin control panel while DNSes are still propagating?

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  • Using admin control panel while DNSes are still propagating?

    I am switching servers and I have my normal URL, but it's on the old server, when I use the ip address the host gave me I can see a few pages, but I want to go into the Admin control panel on the ip address, but as soon as I try to go into it, by making the url the ip address/forumz/admin it goes back to the old server that has the URL and doesn't use the ip address. Is there a way to make it work with the ip address that would be easy?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Login to your control panel like normal then load admin/options.php directly from the address line of your browser. Change the URL of your page to reflect the IP address and not the domain name. You can change it back later.
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      I had that problem too when I changed servers. Wish I would have asked that question, cuz I didn't start setting up the board, until after the DNS propegated.


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