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2.2.1 - no hacks - glitches

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  • 2.2.1 - no hacks - glitches

    2.2.1 - no hacks

    These 2 issues are either minor or medium and require a step by step explanation to understand exactly what I did.

    1> The sticky post in was copied to my archives Forum at

    After this was completed the Sticky was still in force for the copy in the archive Forum BUT the original in was NO LONGER sticky.

    This is the first issue (maybe )

    2> Next I applied the Sticky to the original in

    Carefully examine the thread starter for the original thread and it says me (Steve_S)

    This is the second issue. I did not start this thread. Member "Vito" did.

    Examine the copy in the archive forum at which correctly showes member Vito as the starter.

    I have updated all the counters. No Admin/Mods have edits have been performed on this thread.

    Have a great day :)

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    well for 2.2.0 i have experienced the first issue but always thought that's how it worked

    as to the second issue not sure

    i'm not developer so i'll let them comment
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      We've had this happen to us on our boards as well and I never could figure out why....or if I did figure it out, I've forgotten again.

      It seems that the mover/copier of the post...ended up as the thread starter on the forum post listing but in the actual thread, it shows the original thread starter.

      It was only happening to the posts that were that a duplicate thread was on the boards in another forum....the copy of the thread showed up with the movers name as the thread starter on the forum listing. Weird.

      Not sure this is exactly what is happening for you, Steve...but another funky thing for the movers and shakers to figure out.
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        Yep, we've had a variation on #2 as well. When some threads are copied, the thread starter on the forum listing gets changed to someone who replied in the thread. The thread itself stays correct, it's just this one thing that gets changed. It only happens occasionally. I hope one of the developers can get to the bottom of this.


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          Much thanks fellow geeks and geeketes

          So it's duped and confirmed. What else could a geek wan't just before the holidays </joke>

          <cough> Can we please move this thread into the Bugs Forum.

          Issue 2 is the one which needs attention. I can live with issue 1 as long as it's not related to issue 2 or thats the way it's supposed to work.

          Note to coding Gods: The Moderator Notes / Thread Summary field in the thread with the incorrect starter displays:

          "Thread stuck by Steve_S on 12-10-2001 05:45 PM. Copied to 'Archives of the best threads' by Steve_S on 12-10-2001 05:44 PM. Thread stuck by Steve_S on 12-10-2001 05:43 PM. "

          Thank you.
          Have a great day :)


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            Hello "coding Gods"

            Do you need me to run any other tests before you move this thread to the Bugs forum?
            Have a great day :)


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              Problem #2 was around on 2.0.3 also. A couple of times after we moved Sticky's we had to "re-create" them, because the thread-starter info got corrupted. I have no idea if 2.2.1 is affected (we just changed over). We just don't move Sticky's any more.

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                SA. by guppy it was and I never noticed. Thanks.

                Must be the shape of my avatar or perhaps the 12 licenses I sold within 2 weeks after I migrated to vB that prevents this thread from being moved to the <cough> buglet forum

                In any event, Iv'e released the sticky in the original thread and better go hide
                Have a great day :)