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Board crashes inside of AOL

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  • Board crashes inside of AOL

    I just received the message below from one of my members. I don't have the expertise to answer this. Can you give me some insight as to what to say to him in regard to his problem? Thanks a bunch.

    rick barclay,

    "Wanted to let you know that I keep getting GPFs and blue screens on this board inside of AOL. Only way to browse the board is to minimize AOL and use IE5 instead.

    Strange, because this board is running on the same code that CProg is, right? CProg does not crash/hard lock AOL but this board does. Cannot figure out why. Ran some of my diagnostic programs from my many compilers I have but still cannot figure out what is going on.

    Windows acts as though there is an ActiveX control or perhaps a COM object that has not been used properly or has been deleted prior to the reference count reaching 0. Just a guess but that is usually what happens on a crash. This crash hard-locks the system so I must reboot every time it happens. If it is an improper use of ActiveX or COM then it points to AOL and not the board. But if this is true, Cprog should do the same thing and it does not."

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    Aol's browser sucks by the way (and this is a quote from my sister who works as a Cust. Service Rep for aol).

    What version of Aol is this? 7.0 ? 6.0? I can run the question by her but I will already guess her answer (do not use Aol's browser ^_~)
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      I'll get back to you. I'm going to pm the guy with the problem and show him your post. Thanks.