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    If I restrict new registrations from anonymous email addresses like Hotmail, will this affect members that are already registered? I have a few members on board that have used Hotmail addresses when they registered. I am not worried about them, but do not want to allow any more Hotmailers, and at the same time do not want the existing members to get kicked when I change the settings in admin CP.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Right under the list of e-mails to ban, you can see this setting:
    Allow user to keep banned email
    If you ban an email address and a user already uses that address, a problem will occur. Using this option, you can specify whether the user will have to enter a new email address in their profile when they next modify their email address, or whether the user can just keep the email address which you have banned.
    Simply set that to yes and the current users will not notice a thing.
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      /me waddles off to get a stronger cup of morning beverage (coffee of course)

      Thanks Chen