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    email to users pull from a template. however, when the template is pulled, the replacement set stuff isn't done on it so you end up with {stuff} in the email. this a bug or am i doing something wrong?

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    Since email sent through the system is currently text-only you should not use anything but text in the email_xxx templates. The replacement variables are for colors etc. which are not applicable with plain text.


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      maybe how you guys use the replacements are for colours, but not everyone does. some people use them to, drum roll, replace default text with other text. i think this was a very near-sighted decision and it's just another mod we'll have to make.


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        Now that I think about it, emailing users doesn't use a template in the first place...?

        I also can't think of anything you would use replacement variables for in an email.


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          it does use the template. email_notify or something. also, just because you can't think of reasons why it would be necessary to apply replacements to an email going to a user from a template, doesn't mean noone else needs it. ;-) i'm not giving you ****, but we are probably modifying vB more than any other customer, so it's not like it's a big problem. vB is a great thing and needs zero modification for 95% of customers i'm sure, we're just an extraordinary case and so any places where the architecture of it are limited or imperfect will show up. we're about 10 days from launch so keep your eyes peeled. ;-)


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            I thought you meant emailing users as in Admin CP > Users > Email. That doesn't use a template.


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              ah, no.