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Bug with going to latest unread post.

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  • Bug with going to latest unread post.

    Here's the scene.

    A topic spans more than one page.

    You've read a number of messages in the topic, enough that any new unread messages are on the second page.

    You "open" the topic by clicking on it, so that you get a view of the beginning of the topic.

    You click on the Goto first unread message.

    The board takes you to somewhere down the first page, rather than the second page.

    Version 2.2.1 (Still not resolved other issues I have, not happy)

  • #2
    I have seen that one too, even on this board here.

    But I forgot to mention it because I almost never use it and I was too busy looking for the email password solution.
    Greetings, Black Tiger


    • #3
      same here! still not password sending or new user authorization. But someone complained about it, so I bought it to light,.


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        I have tried this about 6 times with various threads and I cannot reproduce it at all...Is the page completely loaded when you click 'Go to first unread post' or no?


        • #5
          loaded as in downloaded ? yeah.

          as I said, only with a therad with more than one page. I'm pretty sure it does it from e-mails as well.


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            Hmmz... maybe it has to do with the "remember username and password" option.

            I had to enable this lately, to get the effect that the light on read posts went out after reading (why is this not in the "use cookies" option?).

            I just checked and at this moment I can't reproduce the problem anymore.

            Could it be this "remember username..etc" option also takes care of the fact that it remembers which post was last read, because it also remembers when to put the light out?
            Greetings, Black Tiger


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              Browse with Cookies generates a temporary session cookie that is destroyed either when you log out or close your browser. When you return to a board, it doesn't recognize you because you have Remember Username and Password turned off, so you have to login. After you login the lights should work correctly.

              This problem would have nothing to do with this though.


              • #8
                Well... that's another problem then, but when loggin in, and not having set the "remember username and password" option but do set the "use cookies" option, light's won't work.
                I do have to set the "remember" option to ON in the profile for the lights to work.

                But oke, I just thought it could be related because I don't have the problem mentioned here either anymore since changing this setting. Just an idea.
                Greetings, Black Tiger


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                  I don't think it has anything to do with that as I'm logged on due to a cookie.


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                    You think, but did you also try it out?
                    If not, it's worth trying things, if it doesn't fixes things... well no money spend.
                    Greetings, Black Tiger


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