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Upgrade to 2.1 and all messed up...

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  • Upgrade to 2.1 and all messed up...

    Its all wrong the colors showing are not the colors I chose to display, etc. I imported a new style and it didnt help.

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    Did you use the correct update file? The update doesn't change the style colors etc... If you overwrote your style you may have a problem, but the style on upgrade isn't overwritten nor are your modified or custom templates.


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      I did everything by the book. Ive done alot of upgrades, and work like this...
      I have never seen this before. I have no idea what happened. The page isnt reading alot of what it is supposed to read..


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        Hmmm. Well, reinstall and use your backed up template .txt files to straighten it out. You do backup your templates to .txt files don't you? I had a few problems with the upgrade myself. I used my backup .txt files to straighten everything out. Most of what I had a problem with was alignment. I have a real modified template set as you do and my alignment seemed to be off even though the upgrade wasn't supposed to touch my template set. I really don't think it did. I don't know what the deal was. Anyhow.... .TXT file backup always for me. Always. 1 day and fixed.
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          It ended up being that somehow the file got corrupted. Whether through email when the client sent it, or via FTP when I uploaded the new files for the upgrade. So I just got another style file and imported it over the current and all was fixed.

          Was pretty scarey though. lol


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            Ah.... I know what you did. You uploaded the style in Binary. I once did that and it was Fubard. It works in text mode for me but Binary wreaks havic. Well at least with Windows Commander in FTP mode with Binary turned on.

            Glad you have it fixed.