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Avatar Upload not working

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  • Avatar Upload not working

    Just installed vbulletin on my website and just testing things out. My server seems to have safe mode on and even with the features turned on the avatar upload feature doesn't seem to work.

    Options are Safe Mode option is set to yes and I did declare a /tmp dir which I chmod to 777. I also turned on Allow Image Size Checking Failure? which also seems to be the error.

    Now when going into upload avatar I browse upload and it goes through saying thank you for the upload and goes to the cp page again. Now checking the image it doesn't display. I tried different options and all the same it never displays.

    Now when checking the table in the db it is blank. Meaning no uploaded avatars. Not sure why this is.

    Can someone help me out if possible.

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    Somebody willing to help?


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      Couple things...

      You will need to change the /tmp to a directory that is within your reach...for example, if this is your path to the admin directory:
      and you put tmp here:
      then the path in the Admin CP should read like that, not just /tmp.

      Second thing, please go to this page and enter your username:


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        tubedogg : Thank You very much for your help. And sorry for not nowing about that feature. I have now registered the username. Thanks very much works like a charm.



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          I thought I'd post this, just for the record:

          I too was having the same problem after I moved my forum to a dedicated server of it's own. Whenever I tried to upload avatars it kept saying that it wasn't a valid GIF or JPG file - although it was.

          Anyway, all was well after following tubedogg's instructions. I didn't need to turn "Allow Image Size Checking Failure" on, either.